Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Choose Python" shirts available

They're here... just in time for PyCon.

Two weights of T-shirts, plus a golf shirt for the collarly-inclined, and two long-sleeved shirts (just in case DC is a bit chilly in March).

All prices are only US$1.00 over cost; proceeds will benefit the PSF.

Incidentally, a number of people have mentioned the Adminspotting shirts. I was aware of them, but I can't say that Adminspotting directly inspired Choose Python. I'd been wanting to rent Trainspotting when I got a chance, so it was at the front of my brain at the time.

UPDATE: Just a disclaimer: I haven't received the first shirt yet, so I can't vouch for the quality of the print. I'll update again when I receive it. I received my shirt from CafePress; the lettering on the back is quite legible, and the colors came out well.

Enough people have asked about permission to use, modify, etc. that I want to make it clear and official: I hereby release the text, rendering, and design of "Choose Python" to the public domain.


Jonathan Ellis said...


Anonymous said...

That 'choose python'-text is quite cool. What's its license? I.e. am I allowed to reproduce it?

Xentac said...

You should put up a mouse pad, clock, and/or mug for people who want to show everyone their choices without wearing them. ;)

lloyd said...

FWIW, i created a python sweatshirt for myself. if anyone in the cooler climes wants one, feel free:

python sweatshirtthey're offered at cost.

i believe cafepress's supplier of sweatshirts has changed - they run larger than they used to. if, in the past, you've ordered from them and they've been borderline, round down.

Jonathan Ellis said...

Got my Choose Python shirt. Looks good. (I ordered the slightly more expensive gray shirt. Too bad they don't have a white one in the thinker material.)