Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Choose Python" shirts available

They're here... just in time for PyCon.

Two weights of T-shirts, plus a golf shirt for the collarly-inclined, and two long-sleeved shirts (just in case DC is a bit chilly in March).

All prices are only US$1.00 over cost; proceeds will benefit the PSF.

Incidentally, a number of people have mentioned the Adminspotting shirts. I was aware of them, but I can't say that Adminspotting directly inspired Choose Python. I'd been wanting to rent Trainspotting when I got a chance, so it was at the front of my brain at the time.

UPDATE: Just a disclaimer: I haven't received the first shirt yet, so I can't vouch for the quality of the print. I'll update again when I receive it. I received my shirt from CafePress; the lettering on the back is quite legible, and the colors came out well.

Enough people have asked about permission to use, modify, etc. that I want to make it clear and official: I hereby release the text, rendering, and design of "Choose Python" to the public domain.


Jonathan Ellis said...


Anonymous said...

That 'choose python'-text is quite cool. What's its license? I.e. am I allowed to reproduce it?

Jonathan Ellis said...

Got my Choose Python shirt. Looks good. (I ordered the slightly more expensive gray shirt. Too bad they don't have a white one in the thinker material.)