Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to be the most awesome Dad ever

To be the most awesome Dad ever, capable of carrying out feats of skill and mastery usually reserved for the likes of the AvatarJames Bond, or the Doctor, requires just a few common ingredients:
  1. The locked, most secret diary of a pre-adolescent daughter (who has lost the key),
  2. The knowledge that all such cheap locks are the same,
  3. A set of cheap luggage locks with keys,
  4. A frantic pre-adolescent daughter in possession of #1 but not #2 or #3, and
  5. A flair for the dramatic, with which one discloses that one knows how to pick locks, but it's a secret handed down from master spy to master spy, therefore the work must be done behind a locked door (which neatly conceals the fact that you're rummaging around in your bedroom drawer to find #3).


Jonathan Ellis said...


(They are easy enough to open without a key, too. Although even then I wouldn't say it rises to the level of "picking.")

ΤΖΩΤΖΙΟΥ said...

6. A blog post that self destructs, because either she will see it, or someone willing to tell.

The right time for self destruction would be about yest

Not Specified said...