Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"Aftermarket Pipes"

After the blog was up on for about three months, Googling for "aftermarket pipes" came up with my blog rather than the more-appropriate bike shops or manufacturer sites.

Enough people have asked me, "Why 'aftermarket pipes'?" that I have to have some kind of answer. Last year, when I was setting up the first incarnation of this blog (from my cubicle where I worked at the time), I got to the "enter the name of your blog" question on PyDS. I sat there for about ten minutes, unable to think of anything interesting but not twee. Two coworkers were discussing their bikes across the cube wall, and random phrases were seeping through my headphones:
"..wugga wugga modifications wugga wugga not too expensive wugga wugga aftermarket pipes wugga wugga..."
At the time, I was heavily into wxPython, and I was writing a few little classes to make certain things less cumbersome (not too much unlike what Hans Nowak did with Wax), and it struck me: my classes were to wxPython as aftermarket pipes were to bikes. So, "Aftermarket Pipes" it was.

And is.

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