Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Effbot on Bill Mill on Decorators

Followup: What was even more interesting than Bill Mill's decorator rant was a comment to Bill's post, by the inimitable Effbot:
I'm beginning to realize that the people who are the most enthusiastic about [recent Python additions] do not think in the same Python as I do..... I'm not even sure they think in Python; I suspect they think in something else, and translate that to Python when coding.
If I read him correctly, recent changes to Python seem to be causing fragmentation of the language--not into different ports a la the fragmentation of UNIX, but into different subsets of the language, with each subset preferred by a different subculture of the language. I haven't decided if this is good or bad yet.

I know from reading the PIL source, I don't seem to think in quite the same Python as Effbot (dammit, where are the docstrings?). But from past comp.lang.python posts, I think he and I are closer than most.

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