Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Two for the Price of One

The two Python IDEs I've been watching, DrPython and SPE, both got Christmas upgrades. The new DrPython release looks like mostly bugfixes, but the SPE release adds a neat new class diagramming feature.

My earlier characterisation still holds: I like the speed and stability, but dislike the unPythonic coding style and awful GUI layout of DrPython. I like the shiny features, but dislike the instability of SPE. And I'm still using SPE until PyChecker or another feature craps out, at which time I fall back to good old Emacs.

And I'm still fighting the urge to create yet another Python IDE.


Anonymous said...

Instability of SPE? Can you send me a report of this (including information of your platform,python, and so on...)?

Tim Lesher said...

Will do... the problems have been consistent for a couple of releases, but I'll try to quantify and distill them for a real bug report.

The issues are mostly with lots of tracebacks appearing in the output window when using auto-completion, and with pychecker hanging the IDE.